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Stanley C.


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Welcome reader!

If you are scrolling through my medium page then look no further! Check out this one-stop-shop with most of my thematic content. Below you can explore my work according to theme (with a detailed blurb). I hope you find a section or piece title that strikes your fancy.

Enjoy! :D


For starters, here is a piece about my music writing background and favorite artists.

  1. The Origins of If Ever Your Listening
  2. The Keys To My Heart

Album Reviews

In this section, I write about albums and give recommendations where I hear they can improve.

  1. If It Wasn’t Real, Then What Was It?
  2. 1999 is a Clear-eyed Re-introduction to Rich Brian
  3. From Austin To The World Stage, Black Pumas Champions Unity
  4. Out of Destruction, Comes a New Form
  5. There is Little That the Thin White Duke Doesn’t See
  6. The Otherside is Packed with Memorable Advice and Ear-Tingling Melodies
  7. The Mystical Tales Continue
  8. Move Fast, Cause the Stream is Coming
  9. Djesse Vol. 3 Has A Lot Of Promise But Fails To Hit Its Mark
  10. A Comforting Country Record For Grown Lovers
  11. In the Sunset of His Career, Guy Clark Enters Period of Peaceful Reflection
  12. Bad Bunny Begins His Journey Towards Forever
  13. Eight Years In, Real Estate Shows Impressive Consistency
  14. My Xperience is Filled With Grim Details and Harsh Truths
  15. The Experimental Violinist Reshapes Sound and Matter
  16. After a Tumultuous Touring Experience SIR Returns Home
  17. The Band Makes An Airy and Euphoric Neo-New Wave Debut
  18. Morton Feldman Transcribes Rothko’s Chilling Painting Into Meditative Chamber Music
  19. Album Review: Silence Yourself
  20. Semper Femina is a Spellbinding Empowerment Record



Stanley C.

Hi there 👋🏾 I'm a music writer that posts weekly essays about albums, genres, songs, and other novel topics in the music world that span across time.